TOEIC is becoming a recognised qualification worldwide. It shows employers that you can use English in a Business setting in a way that will ensure that you help the business flourish.

It can be expensive and time consuming to achieve TOEIC  through traditional forms of teaching e.g language schools. At RapidTOEIC we offer a more efficient way of learning that can be adapted to meet the time  you have available. We will introduce you to new ways of learning that will make efficient and effective use of the time you have.

You will be supported through personal contact with  qualified and highly experienced teacher of English.


To make good quality teaching of TOEIC available to people who through lack of time, who are not comfortable with learning, or who cannot afford other ways of learning have not been able to learn

To provide high quality support to all our students to ensure their success. The number of students will be limited to make sure support is easily available.

To help you to get qualified as quickly and as cheaply as possible

Learning is hard

Before we start I want to tell you about the most wonderful “machine” on the planet. It’s not a supercomputer but it is fantastic in terms of it’s computing power

what is it? Your brain!      Image result for brain pictures  It is made up of networks of neurons (cells)

Neurons 86,000,000,000 (86 billion) in your head,

                                                                                                           more than the stars in our galaxy.

A memory is created in a network i.e. when neurones are  joined together.

                             Image result for networks of neurons                             

Whenever you learn, you are creating new memories, new networks!

So let’s think about how we can do this efficiently.